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Relocation Assistance

Relocating can be either a beautiful experience or become a point of heartburn for people moving homes. Relocation is a process of change that involves various services and touches a wide range of emotions. Selecting a perfect relocation partner is of vital importance. Only a seasoned expert like Alianza World who knows and understands the process and nuances of relocation, based on years of experience of conducting 1000 plus successful moves overseas and in India can plan and execute like none other. Our experience helps us ensure safety and success to each endeavor we undertake. In this complex process, we connect each step smoothly to the next, so that you can enjoy a seamless experience. With vast expertise, local and global alliances and committed people, Alianza is undoubtedly your perfect partner in relocation. Browse through and you will see why!

Alianza offers you complete relocations solutions i.e. right from working on your relocation policy and timeline to ensuring a smooth transit for you out of the country and helping you resettle in a new environment.

At Alianza relocation we specialize in handling the following moves:

  • Inbound Moves
  • Outbound Moves
  • Local / Domestic Moves - This involves handling moves which are either inter-city or intra-city. It could be a move across the street or across the states.
  • Corporate/Office Moves - Includes moving of an entire office in a structured way.

The Relocations Solutions Offered by Alianza include:

Custom made guidance is given to clients regarding the required paperwork and formalities to be complied with at destination for government registrations, residence permits and employment visa extensions. We help you with your applications to Indian Consulate/Embassy as well.

This is a customized program for a prospective assignee and his family, who are in the process of making a decision of taking on an assignment at a foreign destination. Under the program, the assignee and his family are shown around the destination city with the purpose of giving them insight into all facets of the city viz. its infrastructure, housing, schooling and educational facilities. It also helps in familiarizing them with the social bodies and clubs, shopping and dining options, transport facilities apart from exposing them to daily way of life in the city.

  • Area Tour
  • Accompany assignee to view housing options
  • Providing information pertaining to schools including visits
  • Providing information on suitable activities for children
  • Information on /Visits to Healthcare facilities
  • Information on activities for spouse/ domestic partner
  • Information on / Visits to sports facilities, clubs and health clubs
  • Limited to One or Two days

Based on your needs and budget, Alianza short lists and previews certain properties which closely meet the given criteria with able help from our network of real estate brokers, making the home selection process simpler for you.

Our expertise extends to lease negotiations, legal aid and registration of rental deed, inspection and inventory check.

This includes a tour to view property to pre-selected neighborhoods or residential colonies. We help appoint real estate consultants who proficiently understand your requirements. We accompany you to all scheduled appointments and assist in evaluation of the same.

Settling- in services are those services that help you re establish your life and lifestyle as it was in the previous location. Alianza relocation, offers you special support services that help you restart life as before in the smoothest manner possible that could make it even better.

Some Details are as below:


    We help you get comfortable and operational at home with basics and additional comforts that you may need, such as electric appliances, furniture for the house, air conditioning, power backup and the like. You may either purchase or rent them. We assist you with store details, product details, previews, making the deals and also transporting them back home.


    We help you get comfortable and operational at home with basics and additional comforts that you may need, such as electric appliances, furniture for the house, air conditioning, power backup and the like. You may either purchase or rent them. We assist you with store details, product details, previews, making the deals and also transporting them back home.


    We provide necessary details on utility companies, like telephones, gas connections and mobile phone services. We help in contacting them on your behalf. We arrange and supervise fixing the services till installation.


    At Alianza, we help you get the right people to support your daily life:

    • Advise on household help, car driver, security guard and other help for the family
    • Assistance with terms of service salary negotiation.
    • Advise and assist with the necessary police verifications and registrations of the household help done.
    • Local baby-sitting / nanny agencies

    We assist with details of banks and insurance companies. We have a ready list of documents needed to open accounts and policies. Further, if you need, we also accompany you to the bank and insurance companies to start the process.

Looking at the importance of blending well with the new culture and people, we have special custom made programs that give extensive information about the country you are moving into. We guide you with tips on local culture, politics, customs, economy and social practices, and if needed, we include details on religious sentiments and festivals as well. This, as noticed, may turn out to be an influential factor in the quality of your experience in the new country.

At Alianza, we provide an overview and information on the following practical as well as cultural aspects of daily living, such as:

  • Medical facilities, including specialist doctors and nursing homes
  • Details on shopping facilities and locations
  • Information on telephone connection and mobile phones networks.
  • Public transportation and knowledge of highways and maps
  • Basic Government offices such as police, post office, visa office
  • Leisure/sports/health clubs/facilities/parks
  • Entertainment and art-cinemas, museums, galleries
  • Places to dine at such as restaurants/cafes/bars/clubs Local media such as newspapers, radio, TV, media

Before an assignee leaves the country he will have to deactivate/close out services he has been using. Our capable team is fully geared to help you with this. Our departure services include some of the activities mentioned below:

  • Informing your landlord, utility companies, schools, clubs of departure plans and dates.
  • Assistance with custom clearances and exit formalities
  • Assistance with lease cancellations and return of security deposit
  • Disconnection of utilities and telephone with refund of deposit
  • Closure of bank accounts
  • Follow up on reimbursements
  • Cancel all memberships and school enrolments
  • Termination of car hire agreements and deposit refunds
  • Termination of any subscriptions.
  • Official check-out of house and inventory before moving out
  • Assistance in disposing off of all household goods not being carried
  • Travel arrangements

With our wide network of global associates, we can arrange for the assignee’s household goods to be packed at their residence at origin, shipping them to India and having them delivered at their new home in the same condition as they were at the point of origin.

Detailed information is provided under the heading ‘Packing & Moving’ wherein we provide you with a glimpse of what we do and how we do


At Alianza World, we care for your belongings and their security with a proactive and dynamic approach. It is our endeavor to provide the best levels of service with attention to the minutest details and thereby help the transferee and his family settle down comfortably in the shortest possible time in their new environment.

It is our foremost goal to provide matchless service with best standards. We monitor our service levels on a daily basis, and work on continuous improvements.

We make utmost efforts to transition you with care in a smooth and hassle free manner. With our strong team at Alianza World, it is normal to see smiling and satisfied customers all the way!