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Total Logistics

It’s a proven fact that effective logistics support with due adoption of processes & practices can prove to be a game changer for all organizations by reducing/controlling annual spends on their logistics activities.

At Alianza World we are committed to providing Total Logistics Solutions to Importers and Exporters and we work closely with their teams to design tailor-made solutions for their products to ensure that we bring down their logistical operational costs significantly.

It’s our endeavor to work out logistical solutions for clients that are cost effective, with shortest routing but without compromising on the safety of the cargo thereby achieving client satisfaction and appreciation.

Our efficient team, strong processes and relationships in this space make us a winning choice for the care of your goods.

Service Sectors we specialize in are as below:

With our global network of agents we can assure that we can help our clients gain as we can assist by reducing costs and delivery timeline as we have better control on all agencies and aspects involved with the shipment.

We undertake official paperwork, as per legalities for the export or import of goods from any country to another destination. This includes representing our client with the government/customs for examination, assessment of goods, payment of duty and collection or submission of goods at specified places.

(Detailed information is provided under the heading ‘Customs Clearance’ wherein we provide you with a glimpse of what we do and how we do)

In case you need to store your pre or post shipment goods, we have the ideal commercial storage place available for you. We provide you with ‘state-of-the-art’ warehousing facilities, equipped with our own liftvans. We can arrange regular or climate controlled and cold storage in places near Mumbai. Our stringent norms in the areas of safety, lighting, security and cleanliness ensure that your shipment is protected, safe from any threat including fire and is stored in a pest and rodent free environment.

We at Alianza specialize in consolidation or combining a number of smaller shipments. With efficient consolidation, we reduce cost and make the shipment process and transit time lesser. We also do the same with deconsolidation. In the case of imports we handle manifestation as per House Bill of Lading and de-consolidation of group age containers arriving in India.

We help you with your events with seamless and easy duty free import of goods. We can take your materials to 74 countries for the purpose of display, demonstration without payment of duties. With ATA Carnet, we import commodities duty free into India for exhibitions, events, conferences and other such commercial purposes etc. These goods can range from promotion literature, to samples, machines for demonstration and equipment for display.

Alianza specializes in handling import and export of Motor Vehicles (caravans, motor cycles and motor cars) under Carnet de Passage en Douane. A sports person or tourist holding a valid Carnet de Passage, issued by the authorized auto association in the country of origin/ export, can import his vehicle temporarily into India without payment of customs duty but has to re-export the same within a period of six months from the date of entry. We take care of the transport of your vehicles with open top, flat and standard containers. Our experienced and well trained staff handles the lashing, choking and stuffing of the vehicles and container for export with the ‘best in industry’ practices.